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Images: Limpia Realty – Steve Dyer

$1.95m Texas Ghost Town For Sale – Villa de la Mina Includes Mines and Caves

With an asking price of $1.95m, Villa de la Mina is a West Texas Ghost Town for sale through Steve Dyer of Limpia Realty.  Prospective buyers are presented with an outstanding opportunity to purchase and redevelop the abandoned, historic property – with a number of possible uses including as a boutique hotel, tourist attraction or luxury family compound. 

Originally a mining town, Villa de la Mina boasts 20 stone buildings, a jailhouse, dynamite store and cantina.  To complement the above ground structures, the town includes a network of mine shafts and some impressive caverns.  From a tourism perspective the caves have a multitude of possible uses including as a wine store/tasting room, underground bar, cinema/screening room, nightclub for guests, performance space, art gallery etc.  There is also the possibility of restoring the town to its original design and welcoming tourists to an authentic Texan mining town.

Agent's Listing Description:

'On the western edge of Terlingua, fifteen minutes from the runway at Lajitas International Airport and Golf Resort, completely concealed only a mile off State Hwy. 170, a most dramatic and historic Big Bend hideout with some 20 buildings and a huge mine and cavern network is now on the market.

Villa de La Mina was a working mining town in the early 1900's. complete with a jail, feed & grain store, dynamite shack and cantina. In the 60's it became a questhouse for adventurous tourists & hunters, and was a hang out for Carroll Shelby of Ford Mustang fame along with his racing buddies. Most notably it was the home of the International Terlingua Chill Cook-off in the early years, and hosted the likes of Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hondo Crouch, Gary P. Nunn, and a wild bunch of Chili enthusiasts.

The hundred-year-old fortress complex on 62 acres has about 20 standing buldings, each with rock walls and cement floors. The roofing needs work and the buildings need plumbing and electricity, but they're mostly sound structurally. The generations of master masonry all over this property cannot be understated. All structures on the property are made from local rock. If you wanted to build something like that today, it would likely be in the millions of dollars just to do the rock, concrete and earthwork.

The mine, with an extensive network of shafts, is also a large subterranean cavern. In the right creative hands, it would make an ideal place for a residence, health spa, grotto bar, wine cellar or bomb shelter.

Villa de La Mina is most likely destined to become an upscale family compound or boutique hotel in this rapidly growing tourist area'.

Asking Price: $1,950,000

Agent Contact Details

Steve Dyer (432) 294-4138


Texas Ghost Town For Sale - Villa de la Mina Also Has a Cave Network agent flyer

Image – Limpia Realty – Steve Dyer

Your Own Abandoned Texas Mining Town

If you've always dreamed of owning your own abandoned Texan mining town, this is the opportunity for you.  Villa de la Mina is a unique property – historic, largely intact, with multiple stone buildings and a tunnel system with caves for a myriad of possible uses.

If the prospect of purchasing a town in need of refurbishment seems daunting and you're looking for others who have purchased a similar property or perhaps you love the idea of buying Villa de la Mina and just need some inspiration with what to do next, click here to read our story about Brent Underwood and his purchase of Cerro Gordo – a remote mining town in California.

Brent's been capturing his journey of ghost town ownership on his Youtube channel and the progress he's made so far has been inspiring and entertaining for his substantial Youtube audience (another potential source of income if you choose to purchase and renovate your own ghost town).

If you're interested in buying Villa de la Mina, please see the contact details for Limpia Realty's Steve Dyer above.