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Villages and Ghost Towns For Sale

Entire Villages For Sale

Looking for entire villages and ghost towns for sale?  You've come to the right place.  


We love the idea of buying an entire abandoned village in Europe and bringing it back to life or perhaps finding an unloved ghost town in America and turning it in to a tourist attraction with accommodation.  


When you own an entire village, the possibilities are endless.  You just need some imagination and a few dollars, Euros or pounds in your pocket to make your dream property a reality.


Of course, not all villages and towns on the market are abandoned or derelict.  Some are in completely turn-key condition and are now being offered for sale by their owners.  


Whatever the condition of the properties, we'll endeavor to put them in front of you via this website. As a media site our goal is to find as many of them as possible for our website – we're not trying to sell any particular village to you, nor do we get paid or receive commission when the property is sold.