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The Villages For Sale Website

We're an online media publisher with a specific focus on towns, hamlets and villages for sale around the world.

Visitors to our website are looking for multi-unit residential properties, so quite simply that is what's to be found on

On the same theme, we also write articles about people who are buying, selling, renovating or currently living in their own village, town or hamlet.  If you'd like to tell your story of village ownership, see the Contact Us details below.



If you're searching for villages and ghost towns for sale, you're in the right place.  When you find a property of interest, please contact the agent directly (we include details of the listing agent for every property on our site).


If you're a real estate agent marketing a relevant property, please submit it to us via a private message on our Facebook page – and by the way, we don't charge a fee.  Alternatively, submit the information via the contact form below.

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If you own a town, village or hamlet and are considering selling it, we strongly recommend using a real estate agent to represent you.  Such a property is pretty unique, often difficult to value and unexpected complexities may arise during the sale process.  It's also likely you'll encounter buyers who are interested in the property but not in a position to realistically purchase it.  An agent can help a seller with all of these issues

When a property is ready to list, we step in to action to help your agent ensure it reaches a targeted, relevant audience.