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She Bought a Californian Ghost Town and Now You Can Rent It

The former ghost town of Pulga, California was purchased by Betsy Ann Crowley who painstakingly renovated the characterful, riverside collection of houses and cabins.  Today Pulga Town is used as an artistic retreat and can be rented in its entirety for events and special occasions.

At the turn of the 20th century, Pulga Town was a bustling settlement filled with gold prospectors and railway workers. The town's subsequent history has seen a number of highs and lows with Pulga now experiencing something of a renaissance.  The town's Press Kit summarises the most recent chapter in the town's history; 'In March of 2015, ownership changed hands once again and the laborious task of rehabilitating the historic town went underway. A blossoming new mythology has been initiated, accompanied by the friends and artists that have collectively helped breathe new life into the strong roots of the once ramshackle gold mining town of Pulga'.   

The document goes on to explain some of the work carried out by Betsy Ann Crowley 'With a small budget and army of allies, Betsy Ann Cowley moved forward with a fortitude that would shame even the most capable. The land needed work beyond measure before projects could begin. Goats and pigs were brought in to remove the gnarled blackberry that had taken over, gatherings of friends were held to discuss the potential, and one by one projects were laid out for completion. There was careful intention to work the land in an organic and sustainable fashion, while this would take more time, the vision to maintain the soil fertility and biological diversity was of the utmost importance. With the land cleared, the existing structures were surveyed for salvage lumber to be reincorporated in the restoration process, working with the budget at hand, and creating a unique style that you can find in every residence'.

The Camp Fire (Wikipedia link) ravaged this area of California in 2018 however the town, whilst not unscathed, did indeed survive and is once again open for those seeking an event space with accommodation in a truly unique setting.  Pulga offers a range of visitor accommodation including houses and cabins together with glamping pads and space for camping.  Various gathering spaces are available including the characterful former school house which now houses an eclectic bar with comfortable seating and a small stage – perfect for intimate gigs and performances.

To enquire about booking the Town of Pulga click here to visit their website.