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Retired Couple Buy Entire Australian Town

Peter and Karyn Peeters, an Australian couple approaching retirement, took on the project of a lifetime when they decided to buy an entire town! 

Allies Creek, a small rural town approximately four and a half hours drive inland from the coastal city of Brisbane, was advertised with an asking price of AUD$500k and in late 2018, the Peeters outbid a large number of interested parties to secure their own town for $AUD550k.  In an exclusive interview with The Courier Mail, the couple discussed their plans for the town – including an expected total budget of $AUD2m and a range of renovations and upgrades.  The Peeters expect the revitalised town will become a small-scale tourism hub – able to accommodate their extended family, friends and also paying guests.  

In addition to guest accommodation offered by the town's 16 homes, Allies Creek boasts a quaint church so the new owners hope to attract weddings – enhancing their offering with a large bar and recreation area in an already existing barn.  Surrounded by state forestry and relatively remote, the town is self sufficient by virtue of its power depot, water purification plant and sawmill.


A Streetview of Allies Creek

Whilst their plans may seem ambitious for a soon-to-retire couple, Mr Peeters is a builder with a stake in a roofing and steel business so is better placed than most to take on this type of project.

The couple have given themselves an expected timeframe of two years to prepare their town for guests and are hoping their newly engaged daughter will be the first person to get married there.

For more information and updates on Allies Creek, Peter Peeters can be found here on Facebook.