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$100k Lobo, Texas.  Ghost Town for sale in West Texas

Listed for sale by Marc Lippincott of Stripe Realty, Lobo is a small ghost town for sale in West Texas with an asking price of just $100k.  Located on Highway 90 in Culberson County, the town sits in a typically Texan landscape, surrounded by vast open spaces with mountain views on the horizon.  The town of Marfa, Texas is approximately 50 minutes away whilst Van Horn (on Interstate 10) is approximately 20 minutes away.  The sellers have created a webpage with full details of the opportunity (see link at the foot of this article).

With a handful of buildings (including a former motel, post office, and gas station), an outdoor swimming pool and other amenities, there is plenty of scope for an individual (or perhaps another group of friends) to put their own stamp on the town and create a little oasis.

According to an article in Texas Monthly, the unique property has been owned by a group of German artists for over twenty years.  They purchased the town following a decade of it lying empty – abandoned after its water source was thought to have been pumped dry (as per the listing details, a new well was created and the town now has a functioning water supply).

Alexander Bardoff, co-owner of Lobo and the group's only US resident, explained how they set about improving the the town – with new water wells and water storage tanks added and new roofs & windows installed on the small number of buildings in the town.

Whilst it wasn't inhabited full-time, the town was used on a very regular basis for retreats and popular music and film festivals with artists visiting from all over the world.  See below for videos of the town's bustling events.


Now approaching seventy years of age, Bardoff and his Germany-based co-owners have decided to find new owners to take over the reins of the project and breathe new life in to it. 

For prospective buyers interested in the ghost town's prospects, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Spaceport is situated 40 minutes north of Lobo and according to the sellers, 'Many UFO enthusiasts are passing through Lobo on their way from Area 51(Nevada) and Roswell(New Mexico) to the Mysterious Lights in Marfa'.

For full details of the Lobo town, visit the sellers' link here.

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To visit the realtor's website, Stripe Realty, click here.