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18th Century Swedish Village For Sale

Satra Brunn is a beautiful, turn-key 18th Century Swedish Village for sale with Residence – Christie's International Real Estate.

Agent's Description (Auto-Translated):

“With over 320 years of care and heart, Sätra Brunn has been built around the idea of ​​feeling good. Today a diversified business where picturesque accommodation, hotel, preschool, church, own spring water and bathhouse create a lively and highly valued environment.

During the 17th century, there was great interest in health sources, especially on the continent. Urban Hjärne had visited several of these and was now searching for corresponding sources on Swedish soil. The doctor Samuel Skragge, who was well-read about the medicinal possibilities of spring water, found the springs near Sätra village worth investigating from a health perspective. Water samples taken were found to contain very good quality. In 1700, Skragge bought the land and a well operation was opened in 1701. Skragge could not complete his venture in Sätra as he was drawn into the Russian campaign, but the well operation continued and a conscious character of urban development took shape. Since drinking from the well was to be accompanied by walks, a number of avenues and a park were also built.

Many people have visited the well over the years and the economy has historically been based on paying well guests, both high-ranking and common people. A period of more even economic growth started in the 1930s when the Swedish Pensions Agency, later the National Insurance Agency, annually referred patients for care to the well. Over the centuries, the building style has varied within Sätra Brunn. However, it has always been important that the well was able to maintain its original function, to care for the sick and offer a recreational environment. From the 18th century to the present day, the business has mainly been conducted during the warm part of the year and the majority of houses are log houses, with relatively good conditions for heating, some buildings are already insulated and used all year round.

Current owners took over Sätra Brunn in 2002 with a vision to preserve and develop the environment and the business. The ownership group has had the watchwords healing, learning and creation as the basis for the development of the business. The business today is very lively and is mainly conducted in hotels and restaurants, conferences, bathhouses with spas, fully staffed preschools and own beverage production. In total, the land covers 58 ha, of which a separate forest property of 34 ha. In addition, midsummer celebrations, concerts, weddings, Christmas and New Year's celebrations are recurring and highly appreciated events. The business has a total turnover of approximately SEK 30-34 million per year (2019).

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This is truly a unique opportunity to acquire your own fully functioning village with healing spring water and interesting history. Welcome!





PRICE/OFFER: 67 000 000 SEK


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