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Scotsman Buys Entire Ancestral Village in Italy

Born and raised in Scotland, Cesidio Ciacca's successful career in law gave him the resources to purchase his ancestral village in Italy – saving the overgrown cluster of buildings and creating a thriving business in the process.

Set in a picturesque location roughly equidistant to Rome and Naples, I Caccia is a small hamlet of properties set just below the larger village of Picinisco (population 1,200).  Whilst the latter is a popular stop-off on the area's tourist trail (the town's piazza offers visitors breathtaking views of the valley below), the former had fallen in to disrepair having been abandoned over 50 years ago. 

Inhabited by the Di Ciacca family for over 500 years, the unfortunate decline of the hamlet came as a result of emigration (in their case to Scotland however the pattern was replicated in towns and villages across Italy with emigrants heading all over the world).  Cesidio's father was born in I Ciacca however his parents (Cesidio's grandparents) moved to Scotland at the turn of the 20th century and whilst Cesidio was born and thrived in Scotland, he always had a strong connection with his Italian roots.

This almost inevitably meant that when he sold his law firm in 2010, he would go on to painstakingly purchase the whole of the dilapidated hamlet from a huge number of different owners within the family.  Having done this and now with a permanent base in Picinisco, Cesidio set about his masterplan of breathing new life in to I Caccia.  

After a number of years (and presumably many Euros), I Caccia is now a thriving vineyard and winery together with an olive oil business and events venue.  The business also extends to Albergo Sotto le Stelle in Picinisco –  accommodation for tourists inspired by the Albergo Diffuso model familiar with many owners of villages of hamlets. 

Approximately one and a half hours from both Rome and Lazio, Cesidio Ciacca's revival of I Ciacca is a superb example of what can be achieved with a derelict, rural village in Europe.  A great case study for any prospective village buyers and well worth a visit to learn more from Cesidio and his family.

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