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Villages and ghost towns for sale

USA, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK & More

Own an Entire Village

Abandoned Villages For Sale Across Europe

There are thousands of abandoned villages across Europe and some of them are for sale.

Ghost Towns For Sale in America & Canada

Whether you're looking for a Wild West Ghost Town for sale or an abandoned mining settlement, we're here to help

Buying an Entire Village – Owner Case Studies

Unsurprisingly, it takes a unique kind of person to buy an entire village or town.  Here, they share their stories.

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Buy a Village – Change your Life

If you're searching for villages and ghost towns for sale, you've likely already realised; If you buy a village you'll change your life.

Owning an entire settlement – whether it's a wild west ghost town, an abandoned village in Europe or even a turnkey luxury borgo – creates a world of opportunities for the new owners.  If you plan to live in your village it will lead to a significant lifestyle upgrade, with the unique prospect of owning all the properties in a specific location meaning that you are much more in control of many aspects of your life and surroundings. 

Even if you choose not to live there full-time, you will realise the benefits of village ownership from a commercial perspective – with a range of possibilities at your fingertips including hosting weddings, family get-togethers, spiritual retreats and business gatherings.

Find A Village or Town For Sale is uniquely dedicated to helping village buyers find the right property.  We're an online media publisher bringing together as many relevant multi-unit properties for sale as we can find. We don't publish properties such as entire blocks of apartments as our readers aren't searching for that type of opportunity.  Rather, we find stand-alone, multi-unit properties which generally have no direct neighbours.

The properties you'll find on this site can almost always be described as one of the following:

village for sale, abandoned village for sale, ghost town for sale, wild west town for sale, borgo for sale, hamlet for sale, cortijo for sale or[sometimes] estate for sale.

If you're an agent with one of these properties, contact us here.